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The Florida Shakespeare Theater is seeking trained actors for the 2022 Mainstage production of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, to be directed by Colleen Stovall. 

We practice color and gender blind casting, and do not discriminate as to disability, sexual orientation, race or gender.

This is a professional, paid production. Each of four locations are in Miami-Dade  County.

Here is the rehearsal schedule for Midsummer. 

We will finalize the exact days- and depending how the rest of the group is, we may  be able to shorten the rehearsal period.  Here are the max days -  



School Show at Pinecrest Gardens on Thursday, January 20 at 9:00 am - Call time is 8:00 am 


Performance week at The Barnacle Historic State Park 

Friday - March 18 at 7:30 pm

Saturday, March 19 at 7:30 pm

Sunday, March 20 at 6:00 pm


Second week of performances TBD

Tech run through at The Barnacle

Thursday March 17   6 - 11


What is the pay? Is this a union production?

This is a paid, non-union production.  Minimum pay is $100 per week for performances plus rehearsal pay.  Pay varies with role and experience and includes rehearsal stipends and performance pay.  Some performers will also receive gas stipends.


The 2022 production of Macbeth is a touring show that moves the entire set and production every week.  Dressing rooms could be anything from a deluxe dressing area with showers and a lounge area, to a tent. the rehearsal period is longer than most because of the need for stage combat training.  There is one mandatory day time schools show, and one mandatory Sunday evening first table read.  Below is the initial preliminary list of commitments: 


what are you looking for?

The Florida Shakespeare Theater is seeking:

  • Actors who can work effectively as members of an ensemble. 

  • Actors who make bold, exciting choices with language. 

  • Actors who can take direction and follow blocking.

  • Actors who move well and are physically fit.

  • Actors who have a passion for the language of Shakespeare and respect the text and meter and can still tell a compelling story using text that is over 450 years old. 


Seeking to fill the following paid positions:


Stage Manager:

Professional non union stage manager capable of managing a touring production. Must be skilled in using Excel, Google Docs, and social media.  Send resume and work product to

Lighting Director:

Seeking a lighting director for the production.  

Costume Shop Manager:

Seeking someone to assist with building costumes and managing costume shop during the run of the production.  Paid. 

Wigs and hair designer:  

Seeking a professional who can create and maintain wigs and false facial hair (beards, etc.)  for the run of the production.  Paid


Construction Manager:

Seeking someone with professional set construction skills, who can manage crew and volunteers in building and moving the set to each of our four performance locations.



Send us your resume and an email stating the position you are interested in.  If you have a digital portfolio, include links and references.




Theseus: (Male) As the Duke of Athens, Theseus opens the play on the eve of his wedding to Hippolyta.  Kind of a jerk, he reminds Hermia that her father has every right to put her in a nunnery or have her killed for loving someone other than the guy her dad picked out for her. 


Egeus :  (Male or Female)  Worst Dad/Mom EVER!  Comes to Theseus demanding help with his willful daughter. Has no problem ordering Hermia to be locked up with nuns or killed for disobeying him.  


 Hermia: (Female) The wealthy daughter of Egeus, Hermia is the object of desire initially for both Lysander and Demetrius. She ends up running off with Lysander.

Lysander: (Male) Lysander is in love with Hermia and plans to elope with her outside of Athens. They escape into the woods at night. Alone in the woods, he tries to make a move on Helena, but is rebuffed.  

Demetrius: (Male) A young man of Athens who is in love with Hermia and adored by Helena. He is the choice of Egeus for Hermia, and believes he should marry her. 

Helena: (Female)  The childhood friend of Hermia who thinks nothing of betraying her over the love of Demetrius.  She ends up with her beloved Demetrius, yet only because of the magic.

Nick Bottom (Male):  The comic relief in this romance/comedy. If played well, the audience falls in love with this character, who loves, loves to hear himself talk, and does some of the best bad acting ever seen on a stage.  Turned into a donkey by Puck, Bottom seduces Titania, the queen of the fairies, causing an Elizabethan laugh-riot with all of the donkey love that is going on.

Puck (male or female)  Also known as Robin Goodfellow, is a sprite that  works for Oberon, the King of the Fairies. His "mistakes' in carrying out Oberon's orders lead to hilarity and much tomfoolery.

Titania: (Female) She is the fairy queen, mate of Oberon the fairy king. She is Powerful, regal and strong.  She stands up to Oberon, who ultimately wins her over by using magicd  

Hippolyta: (Female) The Powerful Amazon warrior queen who was recently beaten in battle by Theseus, Duke of Athens.  

Peter Quince: (Male or female)  A carpenter in Athens and the director of the players in Pyramus and Thisbe. Next to Bottom, he has the largest part of the 'lower-classmen' in this play.

Flute: (male) A bellows-mender in Athens and one of the players. He plays the part of Thisbe and her performs in drag and has one of the best scenes in the play, and one of the best death scenes anywhere.

Very funny role.

Snout: (Male or female) A tinker and another one of the players. He plays the part of the  wall in the production., with a great monologue.

Starveling: (Male or female) A tailor of Athens and the final player. He plays the part of Thisbe’s mother and also Moonshine.

Changling Boy: Although he has no lines, this is the perfect role for a student who wants some time on a stage.  

Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed: Fairies tending to Titania, and later Bottom. They are wild children of the forest and sing throughout the play.  

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