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This production of 12th Night will be what is known in the business as a cold reading - with only one rehearsal/read through, where the actors go through the entire play with the director and receive basic notes.  Then on to the performance of the staged reading, where the actors, literally, read from the script. 


The fun of a reading is the immediacy and spontaneity of a production that has not been in rehearsal for a month.  The words are fresh on the actors lips and in our ears.  Magic can and does happen in these readings, and we invite you to join us as WE PLAY ON. 

The facebook livestream link will be posted on 

April 26 for the May 2 staged reading. 


Twelfth Night - Or What You Will— is Shakespeare's joyous allusion to the traditional bacchanalia preceding the  celebration of the Epiphany. This beloved comedy combines  a shipwreck, cross-dressing, drinking, love, lust, confusion, more drinking, social climbing, mistaken identities, and the pure joy of absolute silliness. 


Viola, separated from her twin Sebastian in a shipwreck, dresses as a boy for her own safety.  She finds work in the court of Duke Orsino, whom she falls in love with. Orsino is in love with the Countess Olivia, who couldn't be bothered wtih his suit. 


Astounded at the rejection, Orsino sends Viola to court her in his name.  Unfortunately, Olivia falls for Viola (dressed as a boy) instead.


Sebastian, we discover, was not drowned at sea, and  arrives on the scene, causing a flood of mistaken identity.


Olivia upon viewing the two identical twins of her dreams cannot believe her good fortune.  Viola then reveals she is a girl and Orsino promptly proposes.  We get a happy ending and not one, but two weddings.   

Read along with the actors using the performance cut of the script of Twelfth Night.  

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Interested in Participating in future readings in this series?

We are seeking trained Shakespeare actors only.  Send your resume, headshot and the link to a short video of any Shakespeare monologue.


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