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2020 Mainstage production director and costume designer, Colleen Stovall, discusses research, color, fabric, palette and textures, as the ideas for the costume designs for Macbeth start to come to life.

The Death of Mercutio. Romeo & Juliet  2019

Samantha Kaufman as Mercutio, goads Joseph Urick , playing Tybalt into a duel.  Romeo, played by Jordon Armstrong, interferes and Mercutio is stabbed under Romeo's arm.

How to  Stage a Stage Kiss

Intimacy director, Samantha Kaufman, talks to students at our annual schools show, and shows them how a kiss is professionally blocked and presented on a stage. Samantha is assisted by Romeo and Juliet, played by Jordon Armstrong and Susannah Eig.

Director's Perspective on the Death of Ophelia

This scene from the 2018 mainstage production of Hamlet illustrates how a director can stay with the script, but present direction that adds other layers and depth to the meaning of the scene. Ask yourself how this scene usually goes and how we find out about Ophelia's death.

Hamlet Duels Laertes

Seth Trucks as Hamlet and Lito Becerra have a fast and furious duel in the famous last scene of Hamlet.  Fight Choreographer, Joey Costello, wanted the fight to begin with Hamlet mocking Laertes, and presenting the duel as a farce. As fair play is thrown out the window, the fight rapidly deteriorates into a battle between life and death.

Scenes From Early Productions


This video is a montage of short clips and scenes from ten years of Shakespeare in the Park productions. 

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